Let It Rock!
26th – 28th May 2023Crowne Plaza Hotel, Glasgow


In keeping with our convention series tag-line of Science Fiction, Science Fact, Science Fun, the Satellite 8 programme will feature a fair amount of ‘hard SF’ and exploration of the interface between speculative fiction and real-world science, with lots of silliness along the way. There will be the usual mixture of talks, panel discussions, workshops, games and quizzes, as well as a Dealer’s Room and Art Show. We’ll have contributions from our fabulous Guests of Honour, and from local expert Day Guests.

We’ll be starting programme at 14:30 on Friday (26th May). The Closing Ceremony will be at 18:30 on Sunday (28th May) followed by the traditional Dead Dog Party, presided over by that most excellent example thereof, Laika. The full programme details are available here.