Let It Rock!
26th – 28th May 2023Crowne Plaza Hotel, Glasgow


In keeping with our convention series tag-line of Science Fiction, Science Fact, Science Fun, the Satellite 8 programme will feature a fair amount of ‘hard SF’ and exploration of the interface between speculative fiction and real-world science, with lots of silliness along the way. There will be the usual mixture of talks, panel discussions, workshops, games and quizzes, as well as a Dealer’s Room and Art Show. We’ll have contributions from our fabulous Guests of Honour, and from local expert Day Guests.

However, as with any volunteer-run convention, the programme will only as good as you – the members – make it. So please come forward with ideas for programme items you’d like to run or take part in. We can’t promise to include them all, but we’ll be delighted to consider them.